Keeping it short

“Loving oneself isn’t hard, when you understand who and what ‘yourself’ is. It has nothing to do with the shape of your face, the size of your eyes, the length of your hair or the quality of your clothes. It’s so beyond all of those things and it’s what gives life to everything about you. … [Read more…]

Just Dream!

Two days ago, I quit my job. A world I took pride in and floundered at, for 8 years, 4 months and 17 days. Let me write that out: EIGHT years, Four months, and Seventeen days. That’s almost Three Thousand Fifty Seven days. The entire life span of a guinea pig! Why did I leave, you ask? … [Read more…]

Rape – It’s her fault.

“This rape, the protest, the people who are pretending to care are irking me. How do you categorize molestation? Have you started treating your girlfriends with more respect or stopped hitting your wives? Are you no longer commanding your sisters to wear modest clothes or asking your “would be” not to focus on your bidding … [Read more…]